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Up until the VY Holden Commodore, the shape, style and looks for the third GEN Commodore looked relatively the same. The design team at Holden did well to redesign the VE Tail Lights, with it given a smoother, more angular and aerodynamic look when compared to the first models.
A key change to the design was the front lights, with a more edgier look. The top end models were given a different look where as the standard versions still had what they called the teardrop in the headlight.
black reflector

Projector lamps were also an extra feature of the more high end models of the VE Tail Lights for Commodore. Given the popularity of European cars at the time, Holden styled the VE Tail Lights to be inline with the European style.

The tail lamps design saw the centre trim removed from all versions and the shape was upgraded to a triangular look. Depending on what model VE Tail Lights you purchased, the rear end was given a different look. The final release of GEN 3 Commodores, the VZ was given only minimal changes to style and look, with only minimum changes to the headlights and taillights. However, projector lamps were still a feature of the top end models.
VY Commodore

Not yet witnessed in previous models, the rear end of the VZ was also received an enhancement, now featuring a special tinted addition to the bottom half.
The VE Commodore is Holden’s leading fresh Commodore since 1997. With close to One Billion Dollars cashed in on the enhancement of the VE, Holden spend the time on trying to make this said model looking just right. The VE Commodore was also entirely engineered in Australia which was also a first for Holden. The brand new style of the VE looked fantastic. A fervently lower, wider angle coupled with even weight allocation for improved grasp and flared guards, the VE really gave the people what they needed.
The VE Commodore headlights were of a bent blueprint, similar to the previous VZ Commodore but were larger overall. Once more newer styles has taken a black reflector and projector headlamps. The VE Commodore taillights also took new analysis with the more luxurious designs getting European design taillight while the flashier models including the SSV advertised the great looking black reflector tail lights with centre lamp and chrome enclosing. Once again these became a familiar upgrade with owners of common model VE Commodore’s tail lights.
In a new step for Holden the HSV styles of the VE Commodore had a completely changing back part sheet metal and taillight style. This was yet again a path of HSV in specific changing to a more European plan.